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“Listening to ignite your best thinking” is what Time to Think coaches have been trained to offer their clients from all walks of life.


When you keep on running the same thoughts and behavior in your life, wondering why you don’t seem to be able to break out of apparent limiting and constricting behavior, it may be that a few hidden and possibly untrue assumptions are holding back your next step forward.

Unconscious and hidden assumptions are taken on board by us all throughout our childhoods, sometimes even for very good reason, but seldom do they serve us years down the line when our outer lives have changed completely. If we were more aware of them we could chose to replace them, update them to suit our own individual development, or even just discard them, but as they live most often in our deeper unconscious, we are unaware of their effect on us.

How do we find these untrue and hidden assumptions then?

In a “Time to Think” session, our thinking is afforded a deep, uninterrupted and non-judgmental space to reveal itself into and as a result, we often get to meet those assumptions. Time to Think coaches are trained to listen in order to ignite your best thinking and, depending on what you chose to think about, you meet a lot more than the usual vicious circle of thoughts that occupies your brain on a daily basis.

Lea Holtz – 2018

01 November 2018
When She walks, unveiled and unprotected, into your life; Let her be!...
01 November 2018
Home is where the feathers touch the sky yet leave no trace ...
01 November 2018
Nature is what my body has in common with the earth and yet the cycles of nature I also have in common with my soul....
01 November 2018

Darkness, the Mother of light. Light, the daughter of Darkness and Presence, the Midwife.

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