From out of shame


When She walks, unveiled and unprotected, into your life; Let her be!

Don't try to change her

or ease her load;

don't try to make her go away

or even perhaps rescue her

because you think

she's in too much pain.

But above all

don't ever turn your face away from her

for that -

that kills her

more than anything

can kill…….

For Eons she has had to live

with Men and Women

turning their heads


from Her!

For as long as She can remember,

when She entered a room,

grown men and women

cringed and turned away

for fear of facing,

within themselves,

this very place;

This place

that no one 

wants to be in;

that no one


wants to reside in!

Nowhere to hide

nowhere to go

full exposure

no protection

from the judging glares

and silently murderous thoughts

of other humans.


She stands alone

with courage

and with absolute strength

in the face of a whole community

willing to shun her

for her vulnerability. 

 As She stands

facing them,

from between her tears

only the very observant among them notice

that a soft smile rises from the gentle sides of her lips

for she knows

that she no longer needs

their approval

or their consent

for being

exactly who She is.

Her name is Vulnerability.

Once shunned for her very appearance,

in the near future She will be recognized

as the key to all true transformation

and the place from whence all Love emanates;

as those who have met up with her

will never forget her

and will notice how

after each visit

they emerge

with a jewel

in their hands.

She turns away,

but not because she's weak

or sad, or angry;

She turns away

to walk through the wintry night

with the icy wind blowing through her hair:

her velvet naked skin covered in gooseflesh;

the full moon throws a silver blanket over her

and her heart emanates Fire!

She is not cold

for her knowing

protects her

from the elements

her knowing

warms her

from inside

and the Gods

smile upon her

when they see her

because They know

of her task

and her patience

with humanity. 


© Lea Hotlz. All Rights Reserved.
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