From out of the blood


Darkness, the Mother of light. Light, the daughter of Darkness and Presence, the Midwife.


the Son of Suffering

Hate, the sister of Love,

and Presence, the Midwife.


the state of being

in ultimate acceptance

and non-judgement

of all that Is.

LOVE personified. 

How is it that I continuously forget

that the way to the light

is through the dark tunnel

which gives birth to new light

that entering the tunnel

is not yet choice

but once inside,

consciousness and


can carry me out

of there

without too many bruises

Fighting the darkness, the torture, the pain,

the shackles, the agony and the imprisonment

wastes valuable energy that could be retained…..



fall into it all

drop down into the quagmire

of madness trusting

that you will not die!

And in return

the darkness, the anguish and the heavy veils

will give birth to the very wings

that will carry you towards the first sunlight

of the next day

Hail Mary why, oh why 

Enter your text here ...

do I keep forgetting

that the pattern has not changed

in a million years

and it will not change

in another

Darkness will give birth

to the Light

and Light

will ultimately


the Darkness




Tree of Life

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