Home is where the feathers touch the sky yet leave no trace

where I am the air and I am not breathing it

I am the sun and her rays kiss me but I have no body

I am the wind but no hair to blow through

I am the leaves but I see no trees

I am you and yet I am myself and yet I am not me

for I am everything yet I am not "I"

so do forgive me if I did not recognise my true origins

for they do not look like anything I know

forgive me if I do not run straight into your arms and jubilate

for you are so different than I ever imagined

you feel like angels wings

you feel like wind


silent yet full of symphonies

that fill my heart and burst into a thousand pieces

that fall into the universe and become rainbows 

inside and out

I hear the sounds of each colour resonate through every cell of my body

my mind too narrow to comprehend

my origin

my heart begins to taste and feel and sense

it's vast deep incredible boundaryless beauty


and without

A feather touches the sand

the sand shifts

the wind blows over it

and again the imprint

is removed

all of that

is my origin.

no body

but I am.

no nature

yet magnificence surrounds me

inside and outside is the same 

From out of shame
Tree of Life

© Lea Hotlz. All Rights Reserved.
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