Tree of Life


Nature is what my body has in common with the earth and yet the cycles of nature I also have in common with my soul.

 breathing in and breathing out, spring to summer, autumn to winter

my soul does the same through my body through the earth

yet as I awake like an early morning dewdrop lying snugly under lightly crinkled sheets

my skin still smooth and silken as my hand lightly brushes over my thigh

I am fresh, new, alive with new hope, a new spirit and a new impulse

to manifest my dream here on earth

spirit is what I have in common with the sky

as it is all around, above and below me

on my breath it comes in and on my breath it goes out

spirit within and spirit without

boundaried body

boundaryless spirit

personalised soul

play on this planet

as you forgot

this is your playground

stop running so hard

that you forget

why you came. 

From out of the blood

© Lea Hotlz. All Rights Reserved.
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