Lea Holtz

I grew up in Johannesburg, studied Journalism and Industrial Sociology at Rhodes University in the 80’s worked in field of Industrial Relations and Training before becoming involved in NPO work in a Teacher Training College in Alexandra township.


I raised 3 kids and ran smaller initiatives from home before retraining as a Psychophonetics Counselor in 2002 and working for CIDA City Campus amongst other institutions on a consulting basis. Since 2008 I worked at Multotec as their SED Consultant, which led me to constantly straddle the corporate world and the NPO world.

My strengths are exactly that, I stand between organisations that have completely different starting points and yet need one another. My role is one of upholding the integrity with which funding is given and received. Both these actions are a vital part of good SED practice and upholding human dignity. That is my love. On an individual basis, I believe all individuals are capable of goodness, intelligence and the ability to achieve their highest potential if they are afforded an environment that expects as much. Behaviour is often determined by upbringing, our Essence however not.

I have been a horse rider and lover of horses all my life, but at this time in my life, I prefer to commune and relate with my horses from the ground. Linda Kohanov’s work of Epona inspires me greatly, she is amongst one of my greatest spiritual teachers.

I love the Tao, and Lao Tzu, I use Osho’s Zen Tarot and Linda Kohanov’s Way of the Horse cards to reflect the invisible facets of my own life back to me on days of need. I enjoy communing with Nature and found deep balance and satisfaction in following my impulse to paint in 2016. For a whole year I dedicated myself to a deep creative urge that demanded to be heard and acted upon. The result of this was a series of paintings that came through me and are inspired by my relationship to Nature and the Soul and have become the portals through which my blogs now appear. 

Time To Think is a modality that embraces all my beliefs and more.

I am presently undergoing the facilitators training, having already been trained as a Time To Think coach, and whatever environment I work or reside in, I try to practice one or more of the 10 components that Nancy Kline has birthed, that lead to excellence in thinking and practice.

01 November 2018
When She walks, unveiled and unprotected, into your life; Let her be!...
01 November 2018
Home is where the feathers touch the sky yet leave no trace ...
01 November 2018
Nature is what my body has in common with the earth and yet the cycles of nature I also have in common with my soul....
01 November 2018

Darkness, the Mother of light. Light, the daughter of Darkness and Presence, the Midwife.

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