Time To Think

Time To Think is a modality that facilitates truly independent thinking in each human being, thereby assisting us to connect to answers from our own inner being.


Nancy Kline, the founder of Time To Think, spent years observing the conditions under which people were able to access answers for themselves and exposed a fundamental set of inner components that need to be present in order to invite a person’s best thinking ability.

These 10 components comprise of some fundamental inner qualities that lie deeply within each human being, but have to be made conscious and practiced actively in order to free up our relationships and group engagements in such a way that true respect is afforded each human being’s ability to think for themselves.

This modality can be experienced in a coaching session between 2 people, or in a group session during which the 10 components are taught through a series of building blocks that facilitate the practice of the components. A variety of courses are offered by teachers and facilitators of this modality that can be chosen to suit whichever environment a client wishes to imbue with these humanising qualities.

A one-on-one coaching session aims to create an environment for a client that invites and ignites their best thinking for themselves. The sessions are called Thinking partnerships, where the coach is practicing all 10 components intrinsically in order to actively create this environment for their client. The client, therefore, has access to a very specific quality of listening that they may never have experienced before.

A thinking partnership is usually 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 90 minutes in length and can be practiced anywhere where there is an uninterrupted space that is comfortable and private.


“My mother’s listening was not ordinary. Her attention was so immensely dignifying, her expression so seamlessly encouraging, that you found yourself thinking clearly in her presence, suddenly understanding what before had been confusing, finding a brand-new, surprising idea. You found excitement where there had been tedium. You faced something. You solved a problem. You felt good again.”

01 November 2018
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01 November 2018

Darkness, the Mother of light. Light, the daughter of Darkness and Presence, the Midwife.

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