Ungazi Libali

The home of our healing centre is a magical property in Kyalami where participants are invited to join in any number of activities that have as a common denominator the intention of gently guiding them back to remembering themselves and who they are in their essence.


Through a variety of therapies, events and weekly ongoing classes, we invite people to find joy again in themselves whilst learning to appreciate their bodies and noticing how their presence in their bodies can really enhance their quality and experience of their daily lives.

From Nia dance in Nature, to Soul-painting days or Equine assisted sessions, Nature on this property leans in to us and gently grows our inner awareness so that we may become more self-aware, self-understanding and self-caring. 
A series of services presently offered as follows:

  • Equine Assisted Body Awareness Sessions 
  • Soulpainting events – 2 monthly 
  • Nia in Nature – weekly Thursdays from 4pm to 5pm (bookings or further info Karyn @ 083 604 0366)
  • Osho Zen Tarot Readings with 1 optional discussion and follow up
Nia in Nature dance to re-align our bodies and souls (Nia in Nature is a new initiative that is taught by Karyn Cardoso and hosted by Lea Holtz. Nia is a well-known dance modality that is most often practiced in a dance studio and is aimed at the health and wellbeing of our bodies and souls. Dancing in nature in and amongst the animals on our property in Kyalami adds a new dimension to the dance. The slight unevenness of the natural ground we dance on and the vastness of space we dance in, increases the proprioceptive elements within us and encourages a deeper body awareness than usual. Animals are much more present in their bodies than we are, and their presence often encourages and reflects to us our own body awareness.  Classes take place every Thursday from 4-5pm in Kyalami.
Soulpainting workshops to open our taps to our creativity

Nancy Kline describes it beautifully

“My mother’s listening was not ordinary. Her attention was so immensely dignifying, her expression so seamlessly encouraging, that you found yourself thinking clearly in her presence, suddenly understanding what before had been confusing, finding a brand-new, surprising idea. You found excitement where there had been tedium. You faced something. You solved a problem. You felt good again.”

01 November 2018
When She walks, unveiled and unprotected, into your life; Let her be!...
01 November 2018
Home is where the feathers touch the sky yet leave no trace ...
01 November 2018
Nature is what my body has in common with the earth and yet the cycles of nature I also have in common with my soul....
01 November 2018

Darkness, the Mother of light. Light, the daughter of Darkness and Presence, the Midwife.

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